So after too little sleep last night, I was talking to @Posty this morning about how RoCur is so big for me, but how I didn't think it could work here - but then realised that, from a technical point of view, Mastodon is actually a lot better.

Looking at the Twitter approach, if you want to run as a team, you've pretty much got to use Tweetdeck as a client to get different security levels. That's no good for RoCur, as hosts (or curators, I call the person running the account a curator,)

...will be using their regular clients. Which brings me to security. One password for the account, one email address, one phone number - and you're handing that to someone you don't know. What if you have a few admins? That's a lot of people with access to ONE account, and a lot of faith in Twitter Support if something goes wrong.

So how can Mastodon do this so much better?

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Set up an instance for the RoCur. It can be just an admin, and a host (which is what I've done here.) But it could also be more than one admin - and a single host account. Admins can use 2FA, host just gets password, admin can stop host deleting account - it's all coming together what you can do on an instance when you scale DOWN.

The challenge is getting the interest to have people host for a week, and move on - but I've seen that on the other side, too.

Let's see how we go.

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For now, see - if anyone fancies doing this over here - and it will likely be very quiet at the start - please do get in touch.

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