Have kicked off @WeRWorld@twitter.com in co-hosting mode for the week; if you're on that platform come and join the community - we're all about supporting those in isolation.

Have also set up a Discord server - shout if you'd like an invite so we can group chat.

Lastly, have created a resources page, to which I'll be adding contributions: werworld.org/covid-19.html

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Hello, folks! From this Sunday (29th March) The WeRWorld Twitter Rocur will be doing a community building week, in support of those suddenly isolated at home, and otherwise affected by COVID-19.

Information page is here: werworld.org/covid-19.html

We are also looking to run chats on Zoom, and Discord. If you're on Discord and would like an invite to the WeRWorld server, contact me through here or by email werworld@pm.me

I will also be relaying odds and sods through this account.

Thread from me on Twitter: twitter.com/WeRWorld/status/12

Essentially, looking to use WeRWorld as a focus for a mutual support community through these troubled times.

This timeline appears to be in random order. Wonder if it's something to do with the order the backlog of toots is coming in. (I don't know how long the instance has been down as I haven't looked at it for a long time; neither do I know why it had failed on the old server.)

And we're back. It took a database migration and restarting the services, but this instance is now relocated (SYD rather than SG) and seemingly behaving itself.

Better log back in as admin and see how many new instances I need to block.

Information page for werworld.social is now up: werworld.social/about/more.

We're pretty much ready to rock.

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Current to-do list: hack the about page to get rid of the sign-up section, replacing it with static text explaining what all this is about.

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You won't be hearing much from me on this account, as this instance is all about @werworld, but I might toot some technical and strategic stuff here, as I try to develop the concept.

I won't be monitoring this account too closely, so if you want to get my attention, toot at @werworld, my regular account @grumpysmiffy or email admin@werworld.social. (If you are a ProtonMail user, direct account is werworld.)

For now, see werworld.org - if anyone fancies doing this over here - and it will likely be very quiet at the start - please do get in touch.

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Set up an instance for the RoCur. It can be just an admin, and a host (which is what I've done here.) But it could also be more than one admin - and a single host account. Admins can use 2FA, host just gets password, admin can stop host deleting account - it's all coming together what you can do on an instance when you scale DOWN.

The challenge is getting the interest to have people host for a week, and move on - but I've seen that on the other side, too.

Let's see how we go.

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...will be using their regular clients. Which brings me to security. One password for the account, one email address, one phone number - and you're handing that to someone you don't know. What if you have a few admins? That's a lot of people with access to ONE account, and a lot of faith in Twitter Support if something goes wrong.

So how can Mastodon do this so much better?

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So after too little sleep last night, I was talking to @Posty this morning about how RoCur is so big for me, but how I didn't think it could work here - but then realised that, from a technical point of view, Mastodon is actually a lot better.

Looking at the Twitter approach, if you want to run as a team, you've pretty much got to use Tweetdeck as a client to get different security levels. That's no good for RoCur, as hosts (or curators, I call the person running the account a curator,)

Welcome to WeRWorld, a tentative experiment to see if Rotation-Curation (RoCur) accounts can work on the Mastodon platform.

As the admin of WeRWorld on Twitter, I believe they can. A single instance with an admin and a host should be more secure than anything Twitter has to offer.

There is a fair bit I need to do here to get things up to speed, including re-writing what is on werworld.org, so please bear with me.



WeRWorld - a global rotation/curation (RoCur) account - now on Mastodon.